Becoming a comedian takes much more than a good sense of humor. In fact, successful comedians spend years studying the art of comedy, acting, speech dynamics, artful timing and public speaking. They must also learn the best practices of self-promotion, networking, marketing, and social media influence. Comedians typically spend years honing their craft and building their reputation in order to establish themselves in the comedy circuit. This involves learning to accept rejection, adapting to the reactions of a crowd and improving their skills as a writer. We have several articles that can help you to become a professional stand up comedian:

How to Become a Comedian

So... you want to be a stand up comedian. You have seen others do it and you think to yourself.. I can do that.. maybe even better. Everyone finds me funny. But how do you start writing your jokes?  We have some secrets of comedy will help you get to finally become a comedian and get started.

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