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Steve's Best Bass Fishing Tips

Bass Fishing Tip#1

There are thousands of different bass lures on the market, but you only need a few to consistently catch bass. Jigs, spinnerbaits, plastic worms and topwater lures will catch bass wherever these great gamefish swim. Other lures will work too, but always keep these basic baits in the top drawer of your tacklebox.

Bass Fishing Tip#2

When retrieving a weedless lure across the top of lily pads or pond scum, keep it moving at a fairly slow, consistant pace. This gives the bass plenty of opportunity to track down the lure. Avoid using a stop-and-go retrieve. Bass may strike the lure  and miss it.

Bass Fishing Tip#3

Bass are cold-blooded creatures, so their activity level is directly related to the temperature of their surroundings.  If the water is below 60 degress, fish slow-moving lures like jigs and plastic worms close to the bottom. In warmer water, faster-moving lures like crankbaits and spinnerbaits fished off the bottom will usually work better.

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