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spinnrbait tricks

Here is several tips and tricks to help you catch more bass when using one

of my favorite all around lures.. the spinnerbait



Keep in mind that the murkier the water or the further visibility is reduced, the more bass rely on sensing vibrations in the water rather than seeing their prey. In clearer water the greater the visibility, the more bass rely on their

sense of sight when feeding and less on detecting vibrations in the water. Colorado Blade : Stained and muddy water or in clear water when the light penetration is very low and a Colorado blade is perfect for night time fishing.

Willow Leaf Blade : Clear water where visibility is very high. Also a willow leaf blade has a long and slender profile that produces a nice flash that resembles a real minnow. Indiana Blade : Stained water, Clear water and is a good choice to use on a cloudy day.

4 Ways to TRICK OUT your Spinnerbaits:

Here is a few ways to turn your spinnerbait into a deadly bass catching lure
1. Use permanent red marker to add a bleeding effect to skirt and the edge of

the blade
2. Use a small cable tie to replace the ineffective rubber band that is holding

on the skirt
3. Add a small piece of clear plastic tubing ( such as fish aquarium air hose)

to the eye where you tie on your spinnerbait, if you like to use snap swivels

this keeps the snap from sliding down the wire
4. Use 1/8 Inch screen spline ( used for replacing damaged window screens )

to hold the rattle in place and a 3/16 inch spline for your trailer hook keeper.

Making subtle adjustments to your spinnerbait skirts can help you dial into

specific conditions. You can catch bass with a spinnerbait taken right out of

the package, but when you customize the skirt you may catch a lot more.
Some skirts need trimming or plucking, depending upon each situation that

you are presented with. For example, in stained water I prefer a bulkier and

longer skirt to create a larger profile and make it easier for bass to find.

In clear water, I prefer a smaller profile and I will trim the skirt just below the hook shank and may remove 10 to 20 of the skirt strands. If the water is crystal clear, I will sometimes pull out all of the solid colors and leave  the clear or scaly strands, then the complete opposite is for very muddy water where I may put two skirts on one bait to really bulk it up.Keep in mind that when you remove skirting material that this will allow you to reel the bait faster without causing it to lift, and adding skirts slows down the spinnerbait.

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