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Anglin’ Adventures will become a household favorite with anglers all across the Great Lakes Region, and many other parts of North America. We produce an award winning outdoor fishing television program.


Fishing public waters in Wisconsin, Steve Mortenson and his team of anglers bringing you exciting underwater videography with multi-camera shoots that capture the fish battle from multiple angles as it happens – live!  “ Way before they even get a chance to see the fish, you the viewer is already picking it up from our underwater cameras. In other words, the viewer is on top of the action and knows what’s going on way before Steve ever get's his hands on that fish.  In our opinion this makes watching our show that much more exciting.”

While many of today’s national fishing celebrities have turned to filming on private waters or at extremely remote locations, we shoot our footage on the same waters that most anglers visit on any given weekend. This adds both realism and reality to the show. As a matter of fact most of the lakes that we  fish will be within an hour’s drive from the Fox Valley Area (Oshkosh, Greenbay, Appleton Wisconsin) as well as lakes in the north woods. We believe the viewers will appreciate this approach.


​Our new concept is something that has never been done before. We are about to take fishing television to a whole new level. Not only are we going to show us catching the fish… But we are going to be explaining in great detail exactly what, where , when, why and how we are catching those fish.  And……. We are going to reveal the body of water that we are fishing so after you have watched the show you can go out to that same body of water do exactly what we just did…. And hopefully help you put a few more fish in their boat.

Guest Appearance on Outdoor Wisconsin Televsion Show

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