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Texas Rig

This is the basic weedless rig that put

soft plastic worms on the map. A Texas

rig can be weighted for bottom fishing

or unweighted for an excruciatingly

slow fall or topwater fishing.

How It’s Done: Insert the point of the

hook into the soft plastic no more than

½ inch before bringing the point back

out. Slide the plastic lure up the hook

(moisten the hook for best results) until

the head of the lure covers the hook

eye, then imbed the point back into the

lure so it hangs straight. The hook

point can be brought all the way

through the lure and the tip barely

imbedded back into the lure (called “skin-hooked”) or left to ride on top of the bait (called “Tex-posed). The result is a weedless lure that can be fished anywhere. When weighted, the Texas-rigged soft plastic can be worked at any depth and through most cover. Target cover, docks, rockpiles, weeds – anywhere fish live. Unweighted Texas rigs are used for slow sinking soft plastics such as the ISG Willow Stick, floating worms and topwaters frogs.